Slendertone Results - Slendertone Reviews - Slendertone abs belt - Week 5 The Sunday update How to get great abs in 10 weeks - just follow my plan.Please subscribe to Plato Fitness - to follow my progress over the following weeks. are half way through the second 10 week process using The Slendertone FlexmaxWell the results are outstanding with this product, I Have hardly exercised apart from lifting barbell 100 on each arm 3 - 4 times a day. Barbells 6.5kgs 100 reps on either arm 4 times a day. We Recomend this product for great absShare This Video: this week I’m still on 4 times a day,45 Min’s a session, on setting 90 -100, program 7Please check out all my other videos right from the start and you will get an idea of what i looked like before.On the Sunday upload you will get a full progress report of the week, What food I ate, How many calories i consumed, What I look like now.Please subscribe for our weekly updates on Wednesday and Sunday. We will be releasing more cooking videos soon! to demonstrate what I have been eating and how to prepare thes